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Co-location Facility


What is a Colocation?


A colocation (colo) is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.
Typically, a colo provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical.


What are the benefits of using a colocation facility?

There are a great number of benefits for businesses that utilize colocation facilities.


Physical Benefits


The colocation center's building is extremely secure, typically providing lockable cabinets or cages surrounding each business' server rack. In addition, most facilities offer  access granted based on identification, and real-time monitoring by security agents. Some of the most secure and high-tech centers even use fingerprint to grant entry into the building. Colocation facilities also employ some of the most sophisticated smoke detectors and sprinkler systems in the event of a fire.


Information And Power Back-ups  


Colocation facilities provide a vast array of back-up strategies to thoroughly ensure the security of each business' information and service. First, these centers use several types of power back-ups, including batteries and diesel generators, which take effect when power outages occur. Second, colocation facilities employ redundant systems that create a series of back-ups for all the information stored on the servers. Finally, these centers typically employ full-time engineers ready to assist should any power or connectivity issues arise. This is a distinct advantage for small business that could not otherwise afford personal technology engineers.


Cooling Systems


Technology, especially computers and servers, generate a great deal of heat, especially when they are running for extended periods of time. When a large number of these servers are housed in a single building, they create even more heat. Because of this, colocation facilities provide powerful air conditioning systems that help keep the air appropriately cool and moisture-free.


Economic Advantages


Probably one of the largest benefits for small businesses is the economic advantage of renting a colocation space for the increased bandwidth that it provides. Businesses that move their processing to the secure and compact data center of a colocation facility can greatly enhance their productivity without fear of losing money during power outages or technical malfunctions. The amount of money it would cost a small business to replicate the physical and technological strengths of a collocation facility would be so expensive that it would not be economically feasible. Instead, a small business can hire the center and use its services for an approximate savings of 95 percent.




  •     Biometric & Keycard Access System
  •     Extensive Video Surveillance Systems
  •     24/7 On-Premise Security Guards
  •     Vehicle Blockades and Equipment Checks


Our security processes and procedures, monitor and record access to data center at all times.