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Data Connectivity




Satcomm's Managed Local Area Network Customer Premise Equipment (LAN CPE) is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for an efficient network. It comprises of an end-to-end managed network service including the provision, acquisition and installation of all necessary LAN equipment. The seamless interoperability and compatibility between your LAN equipment and Ssatcomm WAN is tested and guaranteed, making this a one-stop, hassle-free solution to manage your entire network.

Point to Point Connectivity


We know that downtimes can mean great losses for your business. When your network is backed by a highly reliable IT backbone, you are assured that your operations can run smoothly, efficiently and without interruption.

Metro Ethernet


MetroEthernet is our premium, private data service that provides connectivity. Delivered over Carrier Ethernet platform, this high-quality Layer 2 Ethernet service offers dedicated and granular end-to end private data connections within Karachi.