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Wi-Fi Solutions


Put WiFi to work for your business


People want to stay connected. Whether it's at the airport or at the coffee shop around the corner, today's public expects broadband wherever they go. Keeping your employees connected to your network via in-store wireless also allows them to stay on the store floor to better serve your customers. For retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, offering WiFi can be the difference between keeping customers coming back and losing them to the competition.


  •     Return visits
  •     Customer reviews
  •     Social networking ‘shares’ and ‘likes’
  •     Customer demographic insights

Wireless Solutions

Today, IP business communication requires the flexibility of wireless mobility, and the assurance of a secure, protected network.

Satcomm offers a breadth of business-class Wi-Fi  wireless solutions. From the smallest retailer to the largest business, companies are implementing Wi-Fi into daily operations to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile world.